I watched a video on Alina Vincent’s Facebook page (watch below) and found the advice to be stellar. So I decided to transcribe and pull some of the best content into easily digestible graphics for you. Read on…

Must watch video!! I am hanging out here with some incredible and fun people at an awesome mastermind – and they are sharing some of their best tips for creating your own program. Check it out..

Posted by Alina Vincent on Saturday, April 2, 2016



Understand exactly what the program is going to deliver for your clients.
Resist feature creep. Resist trying to download everything you know into this one program but just have it be concentrated on one thing but go as deep as you can into that one topic. – Bill Baren


Whatever you want to teach whatever advice you have to impart create a framework around it. Create a framework that explains the steps or the kind of organisational structure of what you’re teaching that way you give what you’re teaching more credibility, it has more perceived value for the people that are learning it, and it has a greater stick rate so they will think back on the framework and can visualise the steps that you taught and that way your work and your advice will have more impact out there in the world. – Murray Gray


Tip for creating an info product: Pick a topic that is so laser specific and clear. Make it very clear very specific and very inciting. If you get that part right, you can get a lot of other things wrong and you’re still going to make sales and still have success. – Christian Michaelson 


The best way to create an information product that I’ve ever seen is, if you’re going to have say 7 Modules in your information product, first go and create 7 exercises the exercises that people are going to need to get the most out of that particular module. Then work backwards and then create the content that they need to learn in order to properly execute that exercise. That has been by far the fastest and most efficient way that we’ve created 14 information products with that exact strategy. I learned it from Evan Pagan and it works extremely well. – Bret Gregory 


I want to encourage you to break your thoughts into a 5 step process. If you can get it into a 5 step system even if it has more steps when you actually teach it, when you’re describing it 5 steps works really well, it’s not overwhelming, and people feel like they can succeed but it’s enough that they feel like they need your help. – Lisa Sasaevitch 


Just go do it. Pick a step that you heard today, I know for most people I know I hesitated to create my first product so whatever you’ve heard whatever you like best go do one thing get it in motion make it happen. Rock the house. – Ted McGrath 


You know you want to get into action, you know you want to do it, and what’s going to stop you is fear. Maybe right now you’re at excuse level, “yeah but I don’t have this yet, I can’t do that yet”, underneath that is just fear. So, do what Christian teaches, feel the fear in your body breathe deep, go into it, don’t run away from it, and then you have to do what scares you until fear has no power to stop you. Start with that small thing and there’s no better time to lean into your fear than literally right now. – Dr Aziz Gazipura (the confidence guy) 

Awesome! Hope that was helpful and let me know in the comments what one action step you’re going to take and implement. If you want to talk more about this join my free Facebook community here I’d LOVE to hear from you. Till then,

Have a great week



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