Ai Art Masterclass ✨

Have you wanted to learn how to create ai art for your business?

Let me show you how! It’s incredibly fun watching your ideas come to life in seconds, and as an illustrator and designer, I don’t think ai art will detract from human-made art.

Today growing any business all happens online through your website, email marketing & social media, which are all visual platforms.

Engaging images will draw the eye and act as abundance magnets. 

Visuals are the first thing your audience sees when they come across your brand in all the spaces and places online.

They entice your soulmate clients to actually read your copy and buy from you.

There also was more of a learning curve with ai art than I first thought there would be, so I think it’s worth learning from someone rather than wasting time trying to figure it out yourself.


I will show you how to create your own room so you don’t need to be in the slush pile that is the newbie rooms


Discord community we can use so you can show us your creations after the class


How to re-size your images for better quality 

(ai art isn’t very high quality to begin with)


All of the prompts and different styles you can use to create some amazing art

I was initially going to make this class free. But people don’t value free, and I don’t want you with yet another freebie you’ll never use. But I am keeping it super cheap and not $100’s of dollars!

You will get instant access to the workshop


You will gain access to the (under an hour) recorded training, a PDF with the slides and a keynote file if that’s how you  prefer to learn. 

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