Ai Art Masterclass ✨

Haven’t made any art since macaroni frames?

Extract the picture in your brain

And put it on the page

Without lifting a brush.

❤️ Ditch the expensive stock subscriptions and make EXACTLY what images you need, WHEN you need them

Create a stack of images to use for your biz, whether it’s for social media, ebook, or a printed book! 📓

Watch your ideas come to life in seconds with endless possibilities.

Long gone are the days of business cards and printed mailouts, today we live and die by the algoritm.

Your website, email marketing & social media, are all about the visuals

And visuals are the first thing your audience sees when they come across your brand in allllllll the spaces and places online.

They entice your soulmate clients to actually read your copy and buy from you.

👀 Exciting images are irresistible to the eye, little dopamine poppers to catch that elusive attention of someone who is moments away from clicking on something else.

Turn a page of 1’s  and 0’s:


into a pizza party! 🥳🍕

Let me show you how!

Here’s what’s included:


Discord community we can use so you can show us your creations after the class


How to re-size your images for better quality

(ai art isn’t very high quality to begin with)


When you first start out they put you in the newbie rooms where the feed scrolls by super so fast and everyone can see what you’re creating. I’ll show you how to easily find your art and create in your own ‘room’ so you’re not distracted. 


Prompts and different styles inspiration you need so you can create some amazing art

As we enter the holiday hobby season, learn a new activity as fun as puzzles or baking mince pies (or heck, make some ai art of mince pies!)

p.s… Did you know you can even SELL the ai art you create back to a stock photo platform? Like selling electricity back to the grid. 

You will get instant access to the workshop

Valued at $29 normally, FREE when you sign up through Lizzy’s Christmas Party®

Grab a new shiny tool for your toolbelt 🔨

There also was more of a learning curve with ai art than I first thought there would be, so I think it’s worth learning from someone rather than wasting time trying to figure it out yourself.


Complete your training in under an hour + a PDF with the slides and a keynote file if that’s how you prefer to learn.

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