Jess is about to turn 30 and is wondering where the time has gone

She has always wanted her own business, but she feels like she’s been a chameleon most of her life

She is scared of taking a risk and having it fail, and because of that she isn’t living up to her potential

and feels like she is only half living

“Next year I’ll start”

which stays the same the next year:

“next year I’ll start” 😵‍💫

When am I going to do it? Never, she thinks.

As she get older she feels the days are slipping away to be able to realise who she is. What are truly her thoughts, her beliefs?


Her biggest fear is that one day she’ll wake up and realise she wasted her life not doing the things she really wanted to do

The grim economic realities of living make her feel like there’s no room for dreams 🥺

Seeing other peoples success online, instead of inspiring her, is creating a sense of panic 

The urgency of getting this done before it’s too late is causing bursts of action-taking and moving forward, but something keeps stopping her, and it doesn’t feel like she’s getting anywhere

She’s working hard but is getting lost in the details making her lose sight of the bigger picture

The urgency of getting this done before it’s too late is causing bursts of action taking and moving forward, but something keeps stopping her, and it feels like she isn’t getting anywhere

She’s hyperventilating on the infinite possibilities 👀

She is asking herself the question:

“What am I doing wrong?” Or maybe “What’s missing?”

Jess’ problems aren’t exclusive to her, her problems are common, but not hopeless.

⌲ Anyone who is starting out likely finds themselves in this pickle.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve got your foot on the pedal of two cars and they’re driving in opposite directions but how do you figure out which way to go?

A CLEAR strategy will get you out of this bind.


Ensure what you’re offering is in alignment, with your passions, your language with your values, your tone with your personality


You have set a clear container around the project you’re about to create so you allocate your resources effectively


Writing your copy (wherever words appear) will be easier


You’re able to get more out of the effort you’re putting in


Hone down your look & feel which can be translated into a cohesive style


You have set a clear container around the project you’re about to create so you allocate your resources effectively


Ensure what you’re offering is in alignment, with your passions, your language with your values, your tone with your personality


Quicker & easier to make decisions so you know when to say no, and the rare times when you should say yes


Able to communicate and collaborate your vision clearly


You feel authentic in your brand so you’re confident sharing your message and showing up online

So you’re able to take a little of the right stuff, and turn it into a lot.

Myth No #1

Professional graphics will solve your problems

❌ INCORRECT ❌ As a professionally trained graphic designer, I know the impact good graphics can have —

But when it comes to owning your own business, the core reasons people don’t move forward – have nothing to do with their graphics, logos, or colour palettes.

When clients come to me for design work, they haven’t come to me too late – they’ve often come to me too soon.

It’s like trying to picking a tin of paint for a house that you haven’t even built yet.

I’ve spent 9 years of trial and error, fine tuning my formulas to help my clients build their brands.


I’ve noticed patterns and pitfalls time and time again and I want to try and help you avoid them.

Your brand shouldnt be built around a reaction to what’s getting likes on social media. Business growth isn’t about numbers in the algorithm.

Trends change, styles shift, audiences move on. I want you to attract perfect clients who are deeply connected to your values and your mission. 

 But like Jess, right now something is keeping you  s t u c k



Angry at being stuck in your job and know you deserve so much better. And the longer you stay the more your soul and life force is eroding


Feel like a fraud, that someone might catch you out, that you “don’t know what you’re doing”


Feeling like you don’t have enough support from the people around you, you can feel the doubt or judgement, that starting a business is too risky.


Attracting PITA (pain in the a**) clients – these are the ones who take up all of your time and pay you diddly squat


They’re sapping most of your energies where you could really be spending it on tasks that will result in greater impacts. 


People aren’t buying and you’re not sure why leading to desperate decision-making–and no good decisions can be made in a state of crisis. You can’t maintain a vision when you’re in survival mode.



Feel the overwhelming need to polish every teeny detail, so nothing ever feels finished


Don’t feel comfortable being seen, putting yourself out there, opening yourself to criticism


Don’t know how to expand with a team and share the brand vision and direction clearly

(Maybe because you’re worried you might end up with something you hate, that you might get burned. So you end up trying to do everything yourself, thinking it’ll be easier, sapping your precious time from the higher priorities of your business.)


Are thinking the marketplace is too crowded and you’re not sure how to stand out against the competition. 


You might even feel envious of other peoples success, that you don’t stack up, and wonder if it’s worth turning up to the audition. 

Brands can’t be reverse-engineered through logic or analytics; they’re built through the emotional integrity of your story. 

The story of you.

Trekking by Chattapat from

The sum total of everything that has brought you to this point.

Your experiences, your challenges, failures, successes, your perspective.

The charming muddle of your life story.

Stories tell us where we ARE and where we’re GOING.

Stories bridge the gap between imagination and reality.

Trekking by Chattapat from

Stories are a record, but also a destination: they map our past and guide our future.

Stories define us, tell us who we are, they connect us.

Businesses are sold, brands are told.ᵀᴹ

Stand out with Story


Awaken your leader so you can have fans that feel like family ✨

Dish up your digital dynasty

 Live Group calls once per week (7 weeks)

Ask specific questions, share personal challenges you need answering

35+ Videos pre-recorded

Training is released each week


Access communal accountability so you’re sharing ideas and problems, cracking unexplored possibilities and confident you’re implementing what you learn

Workbooks for each module

Each module has its own workbook to take you step-by-step through the branding process

  • Apply the lessons as you go so by the end you’ll have everything you need to grow your business 

Facebook community

Support from like-minded entrepreneurs and a community of business owners from diverse backgrounds


Question template for customer testimonials

Copy-paste questions you can use to get powerful testimonials 

No waffle, no filler. Structured & precise training so you’re never wasting your time 

A few sneak peek exercises:

The Dan Sullivan question 

Soul anchor exercise to uncover your deepest purpose 

Narrow your niche to attract your ideal customers 

Small, intimate group–not 100s and 1000s of members

Most courses can get so big that you get lost in the mix among 1000s of posts each day. We’ll get to know each other.

It’s easy to put others before yourself – working on your clients and not yourself – BUT we will become a chorus behind you can help you to take the stage.

A collaborative and supportive environment where you’re cheering each other on, providing the essential support as we endeavour on our foolhardy adventure of never settling.




Get clarity on what’s really driving you at a deep level


Clarity tool

Vision planning: Where focus goes, energy flows.
Find out what you need to do to get the results you want. Transform your future by thinking big picture. Elevate your thinking from the melee of the daily grind, seeing your business with Eyes Above.



This exercise aims to align your values, decisions and actions.

Values are like constellations – they guide us when we are drifting in a vast ocean with an uncontrollable undercurrent. They give us a point of reference showing us where we aspire to go.
They are what make you unique. Integrity and authenticity can be the edge over your competitors


Soul Anchor

Peel away the layers to find your internal motivating factors. These are deeply personal and individualised – this will rarely be the same for two different people and sits in your heart centre.
Many of us, even people who have achieved what others would perceive as success, might not fully grasp what’s motivating us on a deep level. In the process of striving for an idea of success, you may compromise a deep motivating value, which can lead to internal conflict. Despite following the common metrics of success we may feel a sense of dissatisfaction that can be hard to place.


Brand Beliefs

Strong brand beliefs are vital. 
Here we identify the beliefs that underlie your brand so that you can attract your ideal customers and clients. 

When your beliefs align with your actions, when they exist with congruity, you experience less friction and have a clear + calm outlook. Decision-making is natural and you’ll know when to say no. 



Eyes above viewing of your offerings and your services


Creating your brand vision statement 

Wave it proudly on your website, communicating to new customers the future you are working to bring into reality.



Win loyal customers who keep coming back and sing your praises.


The business hack that will make it a no-brainer for customers to say yes to what you offer

  • Visualisation Meditation

Tap into your subconscious, ensuring the mind works in harmony rather than in conflict with itself, collaborating to create the vision you hold for your future



Learn how to stand out in the marketplace 


Differentiate or die 

Learn how to stop worrying about the competition and stand out in a crowded marketplace 


Don’t be everything to everyone 

The hardest easiest choice to free you from indecision and fast track your biz growth 


Premium Branding 

Why you should never compete on price 


Positioning tool 

Easy guide to nail down what you do and who you serve so you’ll never be lost


Find your créneau 

Comfortably choose (finally…!) your niche so you can attract more customers 



Discover the 6 human needs to deeply understand your customer 


[Case study]

You can’t copy your way to the top 

A lesson in what NOT to do 



Attract raving customers who come back again & again


Customer Profile 

Uncover the exact language you should use, so prospects will know what you’re selling is exactly what they need, converting them into customers 


Word of-mouth marketing 

Why people talking about your products is more powerful than any billboard 


How to get incredible testimonials 

Even the best customers can have a hard time writing testimonials. Never miss another opportunity to get social proof by using my template to make it easy for you both 


Copy-paste questions you can swipe 

Steal my pre-written questions to extract everything you need to know about your ideal customers wants, desires, pains and fears


Customer retention 

Why it’s more important (to your bottom line) to keep a customer than to gain a new one



Don’t create a bottleneck and delay naming your brand


The 7 Criteria for a great brand name 

Learn the essential rules to create a memorable brand name


What NOT to do – Branding Blunders to avoid

Case study on a classic Aussie brand bungle


How to use the magic of language to conjure a new brand name

Learn the specific technical techniques to create a brand new, brand name


What’s in a name?

Case studies of successful brands


How to make sure your brand name is cohesive 



The Robin to your Batman, your trusty brand name sidekick (+ what no to do)



Staying in alignment with your own voice


How to find your voice 

Staying in alignment with your own voice: following your internal frequencies so you aren’t fed by the gremlins of online comparison and feel confident in what you’re putting out there


The halo bias 

Learn the simple equation on getting people to trust you and ultimately, buy from you



Archetypes show up in fairy tales, folks songs, dreams, pop music and movies like Disney. Uncover your brand archetype to connect with people in a way that transcends cultural boundaries


Brand case studies 

A brand you know wasn’t always how you knew it, and a modern brand example 


Alignment vs consistency

It’s not just about numbers and metrics or trying to game the algorithm. This is a long-term strategy for being in business for decades–not for 15 minutes



One of the most underrated business techniques


Where did storytelling begin? 

Why we need storytellers
What neuroscience says about language and how you can connect directly with the emotions of your audience


The object experiment 

The value we attach to objects can be completely altered by the story we wrap it in & how a piece of junk can go from 99cents to antique prices 


How a 100-year-old book about Etiquette was brought to life by story

A hot sales page tip to convert your buyers 


Pet Rocks!

How an advertiser used copywriting to sell rocks, became a millionaire and created an icon 


The 7 Classic Story Archetypes 

Follow timeless frameworks to tell purposeful stories that transcend words and become immeasurable, weaving through culture and mythology–a place where customers feel there is no replacement 

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Is this course for you?

This course is for you if:

You want to make clear effective decisions so you’re spending your time and  money on the right things–not wasting resources on projects or new ideas that never should have been entertained in the first place

You’re thinking “oh my god this is going to be too much work” but you don’t want to give up 

If you’re already successful, this process can help re-fresh – you might think if you’re already doing well you don’t need to do this work, but don’t get caught in the law of familiarity. We are committed to practicing mastery. Fundamentals are practiced daily by top athletes and master-craftsmen. We follow the same ethos.

You are ready to expand with a team and want to be comfortable communicating your vision 

You want to be surrounded by people who can celebrate your victories, pick you up when you’re struggling & share your breakthroughs

Want to make connections and attract dream clients who show up, value your time, and are passionate + excited to work with you 

You’re sick of your creativity being stifled and the impossible standards you’ve created for yourself 

This course is NOT right for you if: 

You’re actually looking for a consultant to implement things for you

You want to have everything in the brand so polished and perfected before you begin 

You want to learn about graphic design (while I am also a designer, I’m not teaching that specifically in this course) 

You want to work one-on-one with someone exclusively (this is a group program) 

Ok suuuureeee but…..


“I don’t have time to spare”

It can be really hard to put your life on hold and to shift out of your current circumstances
Investing 30 minutes a day can free you from the cycle of treading water to survive. It’ll help you to have more time in the future and to reshape the circumstances of your life.


“I can do this myself”

Absolutely. I’ve spent 9 years of trial and error, fine-tuning my formulas with my clients as well as my own business.
I’ve noticed patterns and pitfalls time and time again and I want to try and help you avoid them.
Working with clients to establish a solid brand foundation for all future growth, I’ve spent years and countless hours developing my processes. And now I have condensed the sum-total of my experience for you in the clearest, simplest and quickest way possible!


“I just need a logo and colour palette”

Early on, when I worked exclusively as a graphic designer, I noticed a pattern with my clients. A common factor holding them back. It wasn’t their logo. Their graphics were beautiful, but they were stuck moving the business forward.
I’ve created a step-by-step process for you to follow to build a lasting brand that’s all you so you can become as successful as you can possibly be.


“My cousin/sister/mum/social media person told me to do it this way” 

Anyone who tells you there is only one way to do something is either lying or trying to sell you something.
Some people who create branding courses have only ever worked on their own brand. While that’s valuable, it’s also a limited perspective
I’ve collaborated with many different brands and businesses to create a method that works across the board.

What changed for me after working with Stacey: 

“Fucking everything. Absolutely everything changed – my mindset completely changed, my ability to just get things done changed, dealing with overwhelm, my confidence changed, my ability to show up as my true self changed – also my self-awareness, my whole mindset basically. I can now literally run my business. Still with guidance of course but I can create automations for emails, I can create content, I can set up everything to launch a new course,

I can do so much now that you’ve taught me since I’ve worked with you that I couldn’t do before and it’s not just in regards to branding, it is literally all to do with starting and launching a business.”

Kristin Bonney

Connection Coach,

Stacey is amazing at pulling out the soul of your brand.

When I came to Stacey I was in the midst of a transition in my business and I was a little clueless about making my brand cohesive. During our time together there were so many aha moments…

She is a master at translating muddled thoughts into solid coherent brand statements!
As an added bonus, Stacey even helped me with some money mindset stuff, which I REALLY needed!

Stacey is more than a branding expert, she is also an implementation partner. She comes up with the most brilliant ideas, right on the spot!

By the close of our session, I felt clear, confident, and on-purpose!

I cannot thank you enough Stacey, for being so generous with your skills and talent, for making me feel comfortable, and for helping me make shift happen!!!

Stacey Herrera

Owner, The Sensuality Project

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