Our ancestors roamed the earth, untethered.

Their roof was the stars.

Then, we became tied to the settler mentality, becoming bound to one place.

Now, more than ever, we don’t have a relationship with the stars.

We’ve become hemmed in.

And more and more, we look down, at the lights coming from our devices in the palms of our hands. But those digital screens can act as a stop sign and block our soul path.

We box ourselves in from the stars, getting lost in the details.

The numbness of now.

Not dreaming too big, for fear of the fall.

But what if we opened our eyes, our ears, our senses to the possibilities of the future. Of what could be?

What if we looked back on the tapestry of our past seeing the complexity and beauty instead of the regret of what could have been?

What if we followed the threads of passion, the whispers of creation?

That’s why I’ve created Eyes Above, my new group program. 

This will be a mastermind business program, where I will help pull out your soul purpose and create a lasting legacy for you, your family and help you to fulfil your highest potential.

I trust that if you feel the call, I know you’ll be inside the container.


If you are on this waitlist you’ll get access to foundation pricing, which means you’ll get a code to access the first round of the course at HALF the regular price. This is a one time offer that I won’t offer again, and my way of saying thank you for trusting me to help you build your brand.

If you have any questions so far, DM me on Instagram – I don’t have a team at the moment so I’m the one reading the replies!

Lots of love from Stacey (Brand strategist and your biggest fan)


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