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$43,700 worth of goodies? Fill your business Christmas stockings – all Regular Goodie bag items are FREE 🎄

How does this work?

🎁 There are two goodie bags on offer. 🎁

1. The Regular Goodie Bag $11,800 of value all for FREE (280+ offers)


2. The Premium Goodie Bag – $100USD 🤯 $31,900 of value! (145+ offers)

➡️ I’ve already grabbed the premium bag – I figure even if I only sign up for one course it’ll have paid for itself.

Sign up to the party first, then choose the offers you want

Lizzy’s Christmas Party is only open until Thursday, 14th December, so you’ll want to get your goody bags ASAP.

BUT then you’ll have MORE time so you can spend a few weeks over Christmas to sign up for anything you want.

Think of it like a biz shopping spree where everything in the Regular Goodie bags is free, and you can grab anything you want – most products are lifetime access too so even if you’re not sure you have time you can dive in later when you need it.

How long do I have to sign up to the offers I want?

After you’ve signed up using your email address to access the party then,

you’ll have until midnight Pacific UK on Tuesday, 16th January 2024 to sign up for the specific things you want.

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