Arynetta is an Actress and Author.
And in her words, a Gangsta of Love.
Big Hair Aficionado & Citizen of the World.

Pattern Design

Pattern design can often be a more important part of the branding process than the logo. Patterns cover more real estate than a logo can, so you can use patterns in your designs as a way to be easily recognisable to your audience and customers. The pattern below was inspired from gold tiles on a wall.

More patterns!

All of the patterns below were developed specifically for Arynetta. You’ll notice the third pattern below is directly influenced from one of the initial patterns I’d developed earlier for another client, keep scrolling and you’ll see the original pattern in green.

I fell in love within a matter of a second!

Stacey that is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!! I freaking love it, you are a creative genius!!!! It’s breathtakingly beautiful – you have really gone above and beyond. They are awesome!

Arynetta Floyzelle - Actress

Read on for more behind the scenes brand development

Initial brand board supplied by client

The images below were supplied to me by Arynetta – chosen for their colours and style. The top left image was a pattern I’d designed for another client that Arynetta saw and liked. I picked colours from these images to work with and eventually evolved into the final brand colours.

Arynetta-Brand Board

Pen to paper

Initial sketches to play with the different letters in Arynetta’s name. Emphasis was on a feminine style expressed with loops and fluidity. The sketches below are 100% my handwriting – sometimes you can see designs from cheap hack sites like 99 designs (constantly promoted on podcasts) but the problem is most of those designs come with a copyright risk and aren’t usually original works. There were actually about 30 pages of sketches like the image below so you can see it takes a lot of thought and consideration before coming to the final product.

Custom typography Arynetta Floyzelle

Logo Refinement

Because we don’t want the entire logo to be made from handwriting or cursive text alone, I paired either the first name or last name with different font options and shared with the client for feedback. We go back and forth as many times as it takes to hit on a solution that does what it needs to do – which will depend on what personality and traits you want your brand to represent.

Arynetta-Initial logo designs Barefoot Branding


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