Website and Branding for

Kristin Bonney


This design was inspired by the pieces of ourselves that become disconnected

Full Branding Suite


If you look closely you can see there is a ‘K’ and a ‘B’ in the logo, for Kristin Bonney – she’s a parenthood coach.

Course logo

We named and created sub-branding for her course logo

What Kristin had to say:

What changed for me after working with Stacey: 

“Fucking everything. Absolutely everything changed – my mindset completely changed, my ability to just get things done changed, dealing with overwhelm, my confidence changed, my ability to show up as my true self changed – 

Also my self awareness, my whole mindset basically. I can now literally run my business. Still with guidance of course but I can create automations for emails, I can create content, I can set up everything to launch a new course, I can do so much now that you’ve taught me since I’ve worked with you that I couldn’t do before and it’s not just in regards to branding, it is literally all to do with starting and launching a business.”

Kristin Bonney

Parenthood Coach

Brand Colours

Brand look & feel:

Strong, lush, impactful

Social media graphics

Expanding the brand elements

There is a consistency across all brand elements, while still being different and distinctive

Behind the scenes brand development

There were many concepts with this project – we don’t always work up this many but sometimes it does happen that way.

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