Cordelia Henry – the Oprah of the Middle East.

This is Cordelia and her mum 

Beauties aren’t they? Cordelia contated me about her new business, all she had was a name and an idea, what I need to do was turn it into something real. Pearlescence’s goal is to facilitate connection between women to empower them to succeed as entrepreneurs.


The logo was developed fairly quickly in this project, and we pretty much hit the nail on the head in the first round. I did make a few revisions to the icon, the bubbly technique and the tagline & sub branding but the main logo was almost ready to go right out of the gate. If you’re getting your logo designed or are rebranding, it may happen like this or it might take a few different rounds to get it right – it all depends and isn’t a straight forward process every time as every project is different. 

Stacey is not just a graphic designer she is a brand specialist.

Stacey is the queen of graphic design and has worked tirelessly to create a visual representation of my Pearlescence brand. Her work is faultless, her creativity is yummy and she is simply the best in her field…in a nut shell amazing!

Cordelia Henry, Pearlescence


The icon is the ‘P’ pulled directly from the full logo above. The 3 dots are a nod to the bubbly effect seen in the ‘e’ above. Ideally with an icon you want it to fit the family and style of the main logo – we experimented with other ideas and you can see those if you keep scrolling to the bottom of this page.

We developed many (many) items of collateral for Pearlescence.

Business cards, postcards, rollup banners, speaker kits, workbooks, email marketing campaigns, gift vouchers, coloring in sheets, social media imagery for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, Stationary (Letterhead and Invoice), Leadpages website, email signature – the whole kit and kaboodle. 

Business Cards

One of Pearlescence’s signature products – LustreParties

Pearlescence has developed Lustre Parties, each party is uniquely themed to help women with their health, business, finances and goals. Watch the video to get a sense of what happens at one of Cordelia’s iconic LustreParties.

Going deeper – 3 products

Cordelia has three products, DeepDives, LustreParties, and PowWows. We developed the sub brands you see to represent each product expanding on the bubble concept with an icon and logo for each product to help them to be readily identifiable. 

Yep, even more branding!

We went even further to flesh out Pearlescence’s products and developed branding for each LustreParty. Every LustreParty is themed and has it’s own branding so customers can readily identify the party and see if it’s relevant or not. There’s LustreAspire, LustreAction, LustreAssets and LustreLife. 

 You need to think about how to brand every product you have.

Each product should have it’s own identity in look and feel + it’s name.

LustreAssets: A man is not a financial plan
LustreAction: Overcome your business challenges
LustreAspire: Achieve your goals & turn fear into fuel
LustreAppetite: Rock your body, rock your business

Check out some awesome photos from the LustreParties below

Step 1 at the event

Ladies are greeted by Cordelia and are given a postcard and they will choose which pearl they feel the most suited to. 

Rollup Banners

Step 2: Laides then find the rollup banner that they most suit ↓ and begin networking with likeminded women.

Read on for more behind the scenes brand development

Pattern and graphic inspiration

The bubbly pattern that you see in the final product was inspired by the bubbles in champagne, and the concept of atoms colliding and connecting together. Below are some images I pulled from the internet as research and inspiration.

Early pattern design ideas forming different shapes and effects.

Early exploration

Early icon renditions

Many options are explored before the final icon is decided and signed off. I work collaboratively with you so that the outcome meets your needs and goals, it’s a flexible process and one that will have a professional result you’ll love.


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