Website and Branding for

Susan Farrell Art


The new symbol represents Susands initials S and F, and a leaf as a nod to Susan’s love of lotus flowers and the growth they symbolise.


Branding Suite

Susans logo shown on different collateral

Susans old site was starting to become outdated so we modernised and cleaned everything up & introduced a new colour palette 

Brand Colours

30 page PDF for her Serendipity eCourse students

Behind the scenes brand development

Colour inspiration

Early concept ideation

Before and after!

You can see Susans original site here on the left and the updated re-design on the right.

We reduced her menu to 5 top menu items, one feature as the viewer lands directing people to Susan’s No. 1 goal of promoting her online courses (purple button.)

By removing some of this visual clutter we’re helping people to navigate the site with less overwhelm.


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