Website and Branding for

The Business Doctor


The logo represents the 12 elements of health, the 4 quadrants of life and living with heart at the centre.

The circular shape is inspired by the growth rings found in trees.


Full Branding Suite

We created many elements to support Hanan’s business

Working with Hanan, The Business Doctor was a dream!

She had just fired her last web designer because she wasn’t happy and had come across my work, and although she’d already spent the money on a website
— she knew she needed to start over.

Stacey is the most creative branding guru you need to help you create an amazing brand, website, all the creative tools you will need to start your business and one of the most empowering ladies you will meet!

Hanan El Basha

The Business Doctor


Brand Colours

Expanding the brand elements

Sub-brands for each of the products 

Email banner header

Behind the scenes brand development

The main brand textures were inspired by the Atlas Moth (pictured below)

Colour inspiration

Early concept ideation

Website before and after!

You can see Hanan’s original site here on the left (in purple) and the updated re-design on the right.

The old branding! A professional touch but we wanted to bring some warmth and personality to Hanan’s brand – and some originality.




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