Walaa’s Color Ways

Walaa Color – Chromatologist and modern day spirit alignment

Walaa and I met in a Facebook group years ago, and we supported each other in business and eventually, we took her business through a huge re-brand.


The Old Website ⬇


The New Website ⬇

More importantly:

Check out the difference in the opt-in stats:



That’s an increase from less than 1% conversions to an average of 77%!

According to Unbounce, the industry standard across 10 different industries with a total of 74 million visitors was: 

4% (The industry standard conversion rate)

Walaa’s conversion rate = 77%

Read on for more behind the scenes brand development

Stacey helped turn my brand around

She helped me create my brand. She also helped me implement it with great branding tips, she took so much of her free time to guide me and help me. I am so grateful for Stacey and if you want a great branding coach and a creative mind to partner with she’s you’re go to girl.

Walaa Color

Walaa's Color Ways

I created this illustration of Walaa based on a photo I loved of her, using her color palette and if you look closely you can see an extra texture of stars in the reflection in the sunglasses

Original textures and patterns

Linen texture


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