If you’re struggling to attract the right customers, if you feel stuck not knowing what to focus on, or you need new ideas to implement – you’re in the right place.

I have a friend, let’s call her… Shrimpy. 

Shrimpy wants to start an online business.

She has some elements in place but she’s having trouble piecing everything together.

Also she’s got a problem and it’s affecting everything down the pipeline.

For her, it’s naming her business. Without it, she can’t move forward.

And because she can’t find the perfect name for her business, she can’t get the logo designed, she can’t buy the web address, create a Facebook page or register the business name.

She also has no idea what tools to purchase or implement because there are so many to choose from & it would take hours (maybe even months) of research.

She’s worried she’ll make the wrong choice and waste her time and money.

Of course, none of this does much to calm her doubts, not to mention the creeping feeling that sometimes makes her feel like a bit of a fraud.

She tries to ignore those internal voices and launch her online business while at the same time being her own IT support, PR manager, web developer and customer service rep – all while delivering the goods to her clients.

There are 3 ways Shrimpy can grow and move forward with her business. She can:

At the moment, Shrimpy’s created a new option:

4. Do nothing.

She’s been doing a whole bunch of No. 4 and–surprise!–the situation isn’t getting any better.

Let’s look at the other options in more detail.

Option 1: DIY everything.


Shrimpy spends weeks or even months trying every formula or tactic she’s seen online and is implementing left right and centre.

Endless brainstorm sessions and Facebook posts aren’t getting her anywhere and everything is taking FOREVER. Shrimpy glazes over and words become a series of letters that come for her in her sleep.

She starts feeling completely unmotivated. How can she run a business that she can’t even start? Then the roll-on side-effects kick in. Not being able to launch her site. Even if she could, what product would she focus on? Then there’s the hard reality that her profit will always be limited if she can’t draw more customers. Meanwhile all this worry work hasn’t made any money and she’s no closer to having more time and freedom.

Option 2: Hire someone.

This hire is likely someone’s nephew. First, the good news. Nephews are never hard to find. They’re everywhere. If you don’t have one, you can use someone else’s. (You can borrow mine but at the moment he’s only 2.)

They’re cheap, know a little code and have a cracked copy of Photoshop. Their grasp of the technology is better than yours, so by default they’re an expert. Not so different from a 99 Designs slave auction, in a matter of hours they can mock you up a logo of questionable quality that may or may not breach copyright law (don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough!).

But the biggest problem with Option 2 is this: what tasks does Shrimpy choose to outsource? What should Shrimpy focus on and what can be left for someone else to do?

Option 3: Get a coach or mentor.

How is getting help different to hiring someone? Well, athletes have coaches, actors have directors and Shrimpy needs a brand strategist. A brand strategist works with Shrimpy to help clarify her products and services, which helps determine the perfect name for her business.

The brand strategist advises the best tools for Shrimpy to implement. She’s free to create her logo, Facebook page and register the business. With her business moving forward she already feels like less of a fraud, is more confident in balancing her many roles and has gained mountains of clarity for the year/s ahead.

Happy ending for Shrimpy.

This is where I come in.

With 8 years experience as a communication designer, I’ve helped businesses to engage deeply with customers. Most brand strategists aren’t designers so I’m able to provide a holistic perspective you won’t find elsewhere.

When you work with me, you’ll get individualised feedback about what to focus on. Become more organised and effective. Increase income and productivity. Make fast progress towards your goals and greater fulfilment from your work.

As your Brand Strategist I can help you:

Focus and prioritise your most important tasks (and help you delegate the rest)

Learn how to connect deeply with your customers so they become raving fans 

Notice the sabotaging behaviours that are keeping you stuck and help you address and remove them 

Become a spout of unlimited ideas, ideas that will help you connect the dots

Be your biggest cheerleader when you reach the goals your friends and family don’t understand 

Help you craft your unique vision for your future with advice and strategy to back it up

Keep you on track with your goals and kick your butt when you need it 😄

Have a sounding board for your ideas and get quick, implementable suggestions on what you should do next

Your success, is my success.

You want to be more organised and effective. You want increased income and productivity. You want to make fast progress towards your goals and fulfilment from your work.

A coach is the perfect person to see things we miss and suggest real solutions.

I won’t just tell you what you want to hear. I’ll be completely transparent with my own experiences and share whatever I can so you can avoid the mistakes I made.

Often, we can’t see the solution to our problems because we’re too close to our project or we don’t know what the problem is.

Having a sounding board for our ideas or getting advice on what to do next can help shave hours, months or years off our business (and personal) growth.

Stacey is amazing at pulling out the soul of your brand.

When I came to Stacey I was in the midst of a transition in my business and I was a little clueless about making my brand cohesive. During our time together there were so many aha moments… she is a master at translating muddled thoughts into solid coherent brand statements! As an added bonus, Stacey even helped me with some money mindset stuff, which I REALLY needed!

Stacey is more than a branding expert, she is also an implementation partner. She comes up with the most brilliant ideas, right on the spot!

By the close of our session I felt clear, confident, and on-purpose!

I cannot thank you enough Stacey, for being so generous with your skills and talent, for making me feel comfortable, and for helping me make shift happen!!!

Stacey Herrera

Owner of, The Sensuality Project

I’m so glad I set aside some time to talk with you!

I feel encouraged and excited, and honestly much LESS overwhelmed than before our chat.

It’s great to have some clear directions and recommendations from an outside and experienced point of view. I plan on doing all of your suggestions– thank you!

April Matthews

Owner, Studio AM

The good news is, all of this can happen quickly and get you moving, motivated and fulfilled by the work that you do. You’ll be energized and be less overwhelmed – which is what most people tell me after they’ve spoken to me after one of our sessions.

You’ve read this far so I’m assuming you want to see how you can work with me (yay! ?)
I can’t wait to meet you, so here are the ways you can work with me as your Brand mentor.

Our Session:

No need to get into anything long-term. We do this fast so you can get back to business faster. 

We will nail down who you champion, the tone of voice and the look and feel of your brand.

AU$850 for the strategy session. Afterwards, I’ll email you a recording of the session with some key notes on what we covered and suggestions on how to improve. Often the email contains your suggestions and tips.

When I started my online business 9 years ago I made mistakes that kept me stuck for months.

Some lessons took me years to learn. I have personally invested OVER $60,000 into my education to learn about online business, branding, design, mindset and strategy.

Pick my brain and use my experiences to help jump some of those growing pain hurdles.

Get your business there sooner.


Before our first session, you’ll fill in a short form letting me know a bit about you and your business.

Then leave it with me! There’s nothing else you need to prepare. I’ll research your business on Facebook, website or whatever social profiles you may have set up (don’t worry if you don’t, gives us more room to plan).

And I’ll walk you through the rest! Worry takes so much energy and doesn’t leave you with much to show for it.

Put your energy where it makes a difference. Hiring a Brand Strategist is the best gift you can give yourself.

Steve Forbes said it best:

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

If you can’t find a slot that suits, send me an email: stacey@barefootbranding.academy
and I’ll see how I can accommodate you.

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Stacey on a project for a mutual client. We helped her open her very first vegan cafe and took care of everything from branding, to staffing & procedures.

Branding is such a vital part of any business because it encapsulates it’s purpose and goals. Branding is also often the first touch-point your potential audience/customers have with your offering so it’s important to make sure you’re communicating what you want to effectively.

Stacey has a very simple, approachable and effective way of turning your idea, product or service into a beautiful and compelling brand.

She’s patient and kind by nature which is handy when the pressure is on. This coupled with Stacey’s sound knowledge of strategy and design makes her an ideal coach for all your branding needs

Maz Valcorza

Owner of, Cosmic Creative

Thankyou for being a great friend, supporter and a wonderful life changer.

I’m eternally grateful for everything you have done for me and with me. Going above and beyond was more than I could ever dreamed of.

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